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Wallpaper on demand

We take responsibility.

The environment is important to us


with print on


Only as much as necessary.

We produce with digital print-on-demand, so we do not spend excess prints, we do not lay stock, the set-up costs and the waste of media are reduced. With digital technology, the preparation costs are minimal, so that even small runs can be produced inexpensively for the customer.



dry toner

Ecologically oriented production

We use inks that are odorless even after printing. The printing inks are free of solvents or hazardous substances and comply with European property standards in terms of VOC A + guidelines, as well as the EN 15102 standard, an international safety standard for wall coverings with regard to fire behavior, sound absorption and heat resistance.

A low-pollutant alternative to paper and woodchip wallpapers are non-woven wallpapers. They are made from pulp and textile fibers and are available in both smooth and embossed surfaces. Non-woven wallpapers are permeable to water vapor and contain no formaldehyde. They are free of PVC and plasticizers and ensure a healthy living environment.

FSC Zertifikat
Greenguard Zertifikat
CE Zertifikat
Tapeten Rollen

People.  Planet.


The task of sustainability aims at balancing environmental, economic and social issues in order to meet the needs of the present without restricting the possibilities of future generations and satisfying their needs equally. Health issues are the link between the 3 dimensions of sustainability (people, planet, profits), as health is constantly interacting with the environment, the economy and society.

Protecting sustainably managed forests

GREENGUARD certification ensures that indoor used products meet strict chemical emission limits, resulting in a healthier indoor climate.

FSC Zertifikat

With the purchase of wood or paper products with the FSC label, the consumer decides to treat the forest resources with care. The FSC system ensures the use of forests according to the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations.

Greenguard Zertifikat

Take care  on

your environment.

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