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Unlike traditional papers, non-woven wallpapers are easy to hang and easy to remove, and they are PVC-free.

The surfaces have a soft, textile and luxurious touch. The materials are coated, uncoated and available in a fibrous or textile structure. All wallpapers, art prints and wall panels are CE approved and are used in hotels, corporate offices, gastronomy, theater and movie productions or in the care sector.

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We manufacture CE certified non-woven wallpaper and produce fire protection certified products that are customized exactly to the individual requirements of our customers. Our papers offer excellent surface texture, optimum flatness, dimensional stability and good opacity. Only the synchronization of the technologies creates something really new.

Individual Wallpaper


Vliestapete DPX 465

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Suite 3500 by


print quality

Image print with real

1200 dpi

1200 dpi offer wide colour spectrum and soft colour transitions for high-definition pictures.

Environmentally friendly

dry toner

production width

250 cm

The digital answer.




The digital answer.



Automated quality control ensures perfect colour registration and maintains colour accuracy and consistency throughout print runs. The presses and their dry toner are licensed to Pantone®.

Sustainability with

print on demand

We attach great importance to sustainability - with digital print-on-demand no surplus prints, setup costs and waste of media are reduced. With digital technology, the preparation costs are minimal, so that even small runs can be produced inexpensively for the customer.



Made-to-measure according to customer-specific requirements

Digital workflow enables maximum flexibility and a fast communication. The designs are customized exactly to a specific room and its wall structure.


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Environment-friendly dry toner.

We represent an attractive environmental profile and use inks that are odorless even immediately after printing. The printing inks are free of solvents or hazardous substances and comply with European property standards in terms of VOC A + Directives and EN 15102, an international safety standard for wall coverings in terms of fire performance, release of formaldehyde, vinyl chloride monomer or heavy metals, sound absorption and heat resistance.



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The environment is important to us.

We handle the actual consumption of wallpaper and inks carefully.

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Individual design

We produce your motif. Upload your image content, or talk to us about your project.


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